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No Point Commissions by SweetDuke No Requests by SweetDuke Commissions - Closed by SweetDukePaypal Stamp by artist4com

Commissions last opened 1st of November (AEST). Currently Closed

Commissions opening the 28th of February (Australian Eastern Standard Time) at 11am

Countdown timer:…

More commission info (please read if interested):

Commission Info :bulletblue: Commission Prices :bulletblue: Current Commission List :bulletblue: Commission Terms and Conditions

Note me for a quote (please include reference/s and size)

Frequently Asked Questions


How to pronounce my name


Q. How much is (insert name here) plush?
A.For general pricing see here:
Nazegoreng's Plush Price ListNazegoreng’s Plush Price List
Prices are in AUD (Australian Dollars). Please consider the conversion rate as these prices can often be far lower when converted. Google has converters for your use. 
Details about commissioning a plush are here: 
 All plushes are minky with embroidered details, unless agreed otherwise.
PLEASE NOTE ME FOR SPECIFIC PRICE QUOTES. I will not discuss specific prices in comments.
Prices are only approximations. Please note me for exact prices if you are genuinely interested as your unique request may fit outside the guidelines of the information below.
Larger or more complex plushes will cost more.
Read this to see what elements will increase the cost of your plush:

Starting at
$500 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS for mares (at 17")
$500 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS for stallions (at 19")            

Prices depend on individual plushes, please note me and I can give you a specific price.

PRICES ARE IN AUD (Australian Dollars). This may vary greatly from your currency, please convert if unsure.

To convert AUD (Australian dollars) to USD or another currency, just type "(insert price here) AUD to (insert your currency here)" into google.

Q. What is a commission?
A. A commission is a custom order made for you, and paid for with real money via paypal. I only open these custom orders at certain times of the year (typically every 3 months). These orders are limited so a small number, so not everyone is guaranteed a spot.

Q. Can I commission you?
A. Commissions are CLOSED. They last opened on the 1st of November (AEST)
Commissions ClosedCommissions are now closed. Commissions will re-open once my current commission list is completed. 

First in best dressed. I suggest submitting as soon as the countdown timer goes off if you want a spot, as many people will be doing the same. 
The only way to reserve a spot otherwise is to sponsor the upper tiers on my Patreon. You must make at least ONE payment via patreon to claim your spot, so please do not unsubscribe before your first payment has been sent (patreon takes it's payment at the turnover of every new month).

Commission Terms and Conditions:
Commissioning me or purchasing a plush from me means you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions. 

Click this ---->

:star:HOW TO REQUEST A COMMISSION (when open):star:
If you

They will open again one I finish my current commissions (see status below in 'Current Plush Progress')

Q. What kind of plushes can you make
A. I can make almost any kind of plush. I prefer to work between 10-25" in size, and can make almost any fantasy, animal, anthro or other creature. I can make giant plushes (up to approx 40" but these incur a very high price)

If you are not sure if I can or will make something feel free to send me a note. There's no harm in asking.

I can make NSFW elements, but OCs only. No canon characters. Feel free to note me to discuss. Don't hesitate to ask.

Also please take into account that plushes over 3ft tall run the risk of not being able to be posted or can have extreme postage costs ($500-900+).

Q. Can I get a bulk discount?
A. Unfortunately I do not offer bulk discounts. Commission slots are limited and there are plenty of people willing to pay full price for their plush. It doesn't work in my favour to offer a discount when I could be making a full price plush for someone else.

Q. Can I trade with you?
A. While I would love to trade as much as possible, I simply don't have the time (or finances) to trade with everyone.

I will typically only trade with people that I have admired for a long time. Please be understanding that I cannot trade with everyone. I am more likely to trade with those who I contact myself, rather than through requests.

When trading for digital art, I typically ask for equal dollar value, digital art to plush. So if the plush I made cost $300, I would expect $300 worth of digital art in return, plus the value of postage if the trader does not want to cover that themselves.

Q. Can I critique your work? or Why don't you like critique?
A.Please understand that while you may have good intentions, I really do not like receiving critique on my work unless requested. For personal and practical reasons. I prefer to seek critique either in private from experienced artists or when I am actively editing my pattern (in which case I will post a journal inviting open critique). If you'd like to contribute your thoughts on new patterns, consider sponsoring me on Patreon, where I ask for critique regularly.

Q. Can I buy or have your plush pattern/s?
A. For the most part, my patterns are not for sale. I am currently developing a pony pattern to sell. I will post a journal when it becomes available.

Q. How did you learn to plush/make patterns
A. I started out by doing ALLOT of research. I then learnt to pattern basic shapes, such as spheres etc. Once you can plush basic shapes, most plushes are just variations and combinations of these shapes. Practising with premade patterns is also a great way to learn, but practising making your own patterns is highly valuable. Buying a great pattern wont make your plushes great quality, practice will.

Q. Can you teach me?
A. I am more than happy to answer a few questions or give advice, but unfortunately I don't have time to sit down and spend hours teaching everyone.

I do offer personalized tutoring/guidance as a reward for supporting me on Patreon

I also make weekly tutorial videos on Patreon.

Pre-digitised MLP embroidery set (for purchase)
by :iconethepony:
Updated MLP Eye Embroidery SetI just completed an update to my MLP Eye embroidery set.  If you purchased the set though Ecrater you should have just received an email with updated files.  If purchased though Etsy you can log into Etsy and download the updated set at no charge.
Besides the usual addition of more characters and sizes, (More than 500 total now!) the files are now provided in 4 formats: DAT, DST, JEF and PES.  This covers nearly every embroidery machine on the planet.

Q. What do you make your plushes out of?
A. I primarily use minky fabric. I usually purchase it from, and the minky boutique.

Q. How do you do your eyes on your plushes?
A. I use a brother Innovis 750D embroidery machine, Madiera Rayon embroidery thread, and Bernina V6 embroidery software. For resin eyes I create my own moulds and cast them myself. For giant eyes I use applique using my regular sewing machine, cottons, satin and many stabilisers.

Q. What sewing machine do you use?
A. I use a Pfaff Ambition 1.0 and a brother NS30.

Q. What airbrush and paints do you use?
A. I use a dual action airbrush…
Pretty much any airbrush can do plush airbrushing. I would suggest purchasing a dual action one as you can control the flow.

For detailed information on airbrushing plushes consider supporting me on Patreon, where I have many posts and a huge video detailing this.

Q. When will plush commissions open?
A. Commissions will open typically once I finish the current batch. Keep an eye out on my progress via my commission list on my page.

Q. Why do your plushes cost so much?
A. Custom plushes are a luxury item. They are custom made from high quality materials, using quality machinery and are extremely labour intensive. All of this equates to a higher cost to plushes that are mass produced (I am not a factory). These are art pieces, not toys.

A plush can take 20-50+ hrs to make, and the minimum wage for someone my age is over $20/hr.

My fingers typically look like this from sewing for so many hours (warning image may gross some people out):

I also have to deal with the Australian exchange rate and extreme postage costs, as the majority of my materials come from international sources (often resulting in postage in the hundreds of $$$). I currently have to pay double for fabrics ordered from the UK (where I source them from). My materials are expensive and I do not have the buying power of a mass producing toy company.

If you do not like my pricing please consider purchasing a mass produced/official plush instead, or politely considering alternate artists that may suit your budget more.

My work is extremely high quality. Each piece is handmade from scratch to an extremely high standard.

Q. But that is out of my price range..
I try to hold giveaways so everyone has a chance at owning one of my plushes. However, sewing is my sole income so I will not be lowering my prices. There are a large range of plushmakers out there, so if my work is out of your price range, perhaps anothers will suit you better. But PLEASE do not ask others to copy my work. It is very disrespectful and hurtful.

Q. Can you advertise _______ for me? Or can I advertise _______ for you in return for _____?
A. The only case I will do this is via Patreon support. For certain tiers I will post a feature of your avatar, or a thumbnail of your chosen work to feature on my page. Otherwise the answer is probably no.

Q. Can I draw your OC/s?
A. Of course! I love it when people draw my OCs. Please make sure to send me a link when you are done. References:…

Q. Can I make you a gift? (ie sculpture, custom, plush etc)
A. I'd love that! But please understand that making a gift (a physical item) and expecting me to then pay for it is not ok. Neither is making something then asking me to trade for it when no trade has been agreed upon.

If you are going to want me to pay postage to send said gift please ask first as my finances can change.

Q. Can I reserve a commission place
A. Typically the only way to reserve a commission place is to support me on Patreon (the upper tiers)

Q. Do you take payment plans?
A. Due to MANY people messing me around, I no longer take payment plans, unless we have agreed to it under special circumstances.

Q. Can we be friends?
A. Becoming friends is a natural process, so asking to be my friend won't make it so. Friendship happens over time, and cannot be requested or forced. Please understand that I'm a very busy person and noting me over and over again trying to force conversation can be uncomfortable.

Q. Do you come from a smoke/pet free home?
A. Neither I or anyone I live with smokes. We do have pet birds and reptiles.

Q. I'm too nervous to note/talk to you
A. Please don't feel that way. I'm always happy to answer questions, so don't ever feel like you can't ask.

Q. Why did you start making plushes and how did you improve your skills?

A. I started out admiring other plushmakers (and not being able to afford them) and figured I could make my own if I applied myself. I had some experience in sculpting, painting and general craft so I already had a heads start.

I bought my equipment, researched like crazy and drafted my own patterns. Plushing for 3 years has given me allot of experience and practise. I always try to keep updating my patterns and incorporating new ideas and techniques into my work. Learning to make a tonne of my own patterns from scratch has also taught me a great deal.

In short:
- Research like mad (even once you are experienced)
- Practise
- Be passionate about improving
- Don't be satisfied with sub-par work
- If you are serious, invest in your machinery and tools

Current Plush Progress

Current Commission Batch Progress

Last opened November 1st 2015

Commission Info :bulletblue: Commission Prices :bulletblue: Current Commission List :bulletblue: Commission Terms and Conditions
11. werdna250250 (FA) : Carrot bunny (short anthro)
Done. photographing



Trades - Closed by SweetDuke

:iconviistar: Beanie skrillveon
Will begin after commissions.

Joen plush with leather jacket
OC Reference Sheet - Joen by dennybutt
Giving artist time to work on her half

Discord (for future trade)
Ready whenever artist has free time/wants to start

Due to time constraints I very rarely (if ever) take on new trades.
When I do, I only trade with artists I've respected and admired for a long time. Please do not be upset if I do not want to trade with you. There is only so much trading I can do or want to do.


CutieArtCrusaders Interview

:iconcutieartcrusaders: + :iconnazegoreng:

Ponysona Bio


Cobalt Tangle Bio

Cobalt Tangle Ultimate Reference Guide by Centchi


Mare, Pegasus, Creature wrangler.
Location: Horsetrailia
Coltfriend: Mean Streak

Png for your convenience:
Cobalt Cutiemark Vector by Nazegoreng




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About me

"It's Naz. She's like Santa Claus - she can do ANYTHING"

:star::star::star: PRICES: :star::star::star:

Hi guys! Nazegoreng here, but feel free to call me Naz.
I'm a freelance plush maker from Australia, and sewing these cuties is my career and passion. Feel free to have a look around my page and gallery. I make all sorts of plushes for commission. Prices and commission info are located in the 'Commissions' panel below. Also check out my FAQ if you want to know something about my work.

Thanks for stopping by!

Note me for a quote (please include reference/s and size)

Commission Info :bulletblue: Commission Prices :bulletblue: Current Commission List :bulletblue: Commission Terms and Conditions

Please read FAQ (below and left) before asking general questions


Patreon is a monthly subscription service that gives you access to my information packed feed for as little as $1. You will also gain access to my previous posts (now totaling over 700!)

Perks include:

:bulletblue: Daily plush related posts :bulletblue:Exclusive wip images :bulletblue:
Plush and crafting tips and tutorials :bulletblue: Weekly videos :bulletblue: Plush tutoring :bulletblue: Exclusive commission reservations :bulletblue: Insight into my plushing techniques :bulletblue: & Lots more!!


"Naz's patreon is like getting a new mini lesson on plush making every day! She makes sure to keep her feed attentive and interesting. More than worth it, for as little as $1 a month :)"

"Having a bit of insight into how other plush makers work has increased my passion for the craft by quite a large margin. Naz's Patreon brings you almost right into her studio with frequent updates, really insightful tips, pointers and tutorials together with random but cute things that happen like snek eggs and Carl. Its absolutely well worth your pledge at any tier."

"Her page has not only updates on her awesome work, but useful tips videos and tutorials for other people who aspire to create and sew. Her tiers allow every person to feel valued and give their ideas and thoughts about her next set of content. I would highly recommend pledging to this wonderful artist if you are interested in sewing and her work."

"I have learn so much following her Patreon! also watching her work encourage yourself to be more productive. Every day you get at least one new tip to your crafts, also tips to be more professional in your business."

"No matter for what you come, it is totally worth it! As soon as I get a raise, Naz will get a raise too, her patreon feed is more worth than any amount you can pledge."

"I joined Naz's patreon a couple months ago to help support what little bit i could to one of my fav plush makers, an learn a bit from her in the process. Her Patreon page draws you right in with all the frequent updates, WIPs, tips an tricks an more. She is very helpful to her supporters when someone has a question on how something was made, i personally have learned lots an new little tricks for my own crafts. I always get excited to see a new post by Naz and believe that her patreon is more then worth it at any tier."

"Nazegoreng's Patreon is incredibly active, and I can count on getting emails from her almost every day. She shows her works-in-progress as well as tips and tutorials on plushie-making. She is willing to answer questions on how she makes her creations and goes the extra mile for her Patreons by asking for their feedback and finding new ways to improve her Patreon. I have learned so much from her posts."

:iconbar0ss: :iconruthofpern2: :icon3vilpyro: :iconsukir: :iconmimiero: :iconsiamchuchusplushies: :iconthefirstdude: :icondragontrap::iconifoxspirit:

**$10+ Patrons please contact me with your DA username so I can feature you here**

Patron feature:

Engine 999 - CH1PG1 by TailzkipEngine 999 - CH1PG2 by TailzkipEngine 999 - CH1PG3 by Tailzkip
A young boy's life is thrown into chaos as he takes up a new job aboard Engine 999. How will Assistant handle this new world of fighting mythical creatures and new beings beyond his current human knowledge? Only time will tell when the most eccentric Engine master out there is your guide.



:iconnazegoreng: :heart: :iconraycam01:

Please read FAQ before asking general questions

Please do not advertise yourself in my comments section, spam (chain letter) or thank for favs etc.

Commission, trade, materials, pricing info etc are all explained in my FAQ and commission sections.


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