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No Point Commissions by SweetDuke No Requests by SweetDuke Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Paypal Stamp by artist4com

Last opened feb 25th.
Commission Info :bulletblue: Commission Prices :bulletblue: Current Commission List :bulletblue: Commission Terms and Conditions

Note me for a quote (please include reference/s and size). I am open for quotes at any time.

Current Plush Progress




Current Commission Batch Progress

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Last opened feb 25th.

Commission Info :bulletblue: Commission Prices :bulletblue: Current Commission List :bulletblue: Commission Terms and Conditions
1. Gabby Griffon for :icon64dernwobniar:
Gabby by Korsoo
Dyeing fabric for cheeks/chest

2. Marcseline for :iconmixermike622: 

BIG SIS by Mixermike622

3. Darigan Bori (Neopets) for Nathan (via email)
4 by Nazegoreng

4. Dragon OC for :iconZakay:
Dragon by Nazegoreng

5. Shiny Entei for :icontailzkip:

Shiny-enteicut by Nazegoreng

6. Guzma for :iconkoisnake: 
150px-Sun Moon Guzma by Nazegoreng

7. Ignitus for :icondude10983:
Ignitus dotd by Nazegoreng

8. Mystery commission 

9. Minuette for :iconfrequencywavelength:
Colgate by Shelmo69


Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you open for quotes?
A. I am always open for quotes. I will do my best to get back to you asap, but please be patient. Please make sure to include a reference, and what size you are after in your note. For complex characters, I prefer to work in medium to large sizing.

How to pronounce my name


Q. How much is (insert name here) plush?
A.For general pricing see here:
Nazegoreng's Plush Price ListNazegoreng’s Plush Price List
Prices are in AUD (Australian Dollars). Please consider the conversion rate as these prices can often be far lower when converted. Google has converters for your use. 
Details about commissioning a plush are here: 
 All plushes are minky with embroidered details, unless agreed otherwise.
PLEASE NOTE ME FOR SPECIFIC PRICE QUOTES. I will not discuss specific prices in comments.
Prices are only approximations. Please note me for exact prices if you are genuinely interested as your unique request may fit outside the guidelines of the information below.
Larger or more complex plushes will cost more.
Read this to see what elements will increase the cost of your plush:

Starting at
$600 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS for mares (at 17")
$600 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS for stallions (at 19") $300 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS for fil

Prices depend on individual plushes, please note me and I can give you a specific price.

PRICES ARE IN AUD (Australian Dollars). This may vary greatly from your currency, please convert if unsure.

To convert AUD (Australian dollars) to USD or another currency, just type "(insert price here) AUD to (insert your currency here)" into google.

Q. What is a commission?
A. A commission is a custom order made for you, and paid for with real money via paypal. I only open these custom orders at certain times of the year (typically every 4-5 months). These orders are limited so a small number, so not everyone is guaranteed a spot.

Q. Can I commission you?
Please read my commission journal and terms and conditions to learn everything you need to know.
Commissions CLOSED - OPENING 25th and 26th FEBCommissions opening on the 25th and 26th of Feb. Starting 8am AEST on the 25th, and closing 8pm on the 26th. 
Countdown timer:
Commissions will be open all weekend. I will read all commission requests and choose the ones that appeal to me most. I will be taking approx 10 commissions all up (6 pre reserved amongst Feb patreon patrons, and 4 from outside of patreon). 
*** Just a heads up, I will be taking 3-4 weeks off to work on personal projects and trades after I finish my last current commission. I may not start these commissions as soon as they are accepted. I have not had proper time off in 7 months, so desperately need a creative break. Thanks for understanding.
:star:HOW TO REQUEST A COMMISSION (when open):star:
If you would like a spot, send me a note (when commissions are open) including the following:
- What p

Q. What kind of plushes can you make
A. I can make almost any kind of plush. I prefer to work between 10-25" in size, and can make almost any fantasy, animal, anthro or other creature. I can make giant plushes (up to approx 36" but these incur a very high price).

If you are not sure if I can or will make something feel free to send me a note. There's no harm in asking.

I can make NSFW elements, but OCs only. No canon characters. Feel free to note me to discuss. Don't hesitate to ask. (no MLP style characters sorry)

Q. Can I get a bulk discount?
A. Unfortunately I do not offer bulk discounts. Commission slots are limited and there are plenty of people willing to pay full price for their plush. It doesn't work in my favour to offer a discount when I could be making a full price plush for someone else.

Q. Can I trade with you?
A. While I would love to trade as much as possible, I simply don't have the time (or finances) to trade with everyone.

I will typically only trade with people that I have admired for a long time. Please be understanding that I cannot trade with everyone. I am more likely to trade with those who I contact myself, rather than through requests.

When trading for digital art, I typically ask for equal dollar value, digital art to plush. So if the plush I made cost $300, I would expect $300 worth of digital art in return, plus the value of postage if the trader does not want to cover that themselves.

I rarely want to trade for plush as I just don't have room for them. Mostly I would like to trade for other crafts (such as art dolls, sculptures, etc) or traditional works.

Q. Can I critique your work? or Why don't you like critique?
A.Please understand that while you may have good intentions, I really do not like receiving critique on my work unless requested. I prefer to seek critique in private from experienced artists/friends.

Q. Can I buy or have your plush pattern/s?
A. For the most part, my patterns are not for sale. I am currently developing a pony pattern to sell. I will post a journal when it becomes available.

Q. How did you learn to plush/make patterns
A. I started out by doing A LOT of research. I then learnt to pattern basic shapes, such as spheres etc. Once you can plush basic shapes, most plushes are just variations and combinations of these shapes. Practicing with premade patterns is also a great way to learn, but practising making your own patterns is highly valuable. Buying a great pattern wont make your plushes great quality, practice will. I have been making my own patterns for 4+ years now, so don't expect to learn the skill overnight.

Q. Can you teach me?
A. I am more than happy to answer a few questions or give advice, but unfortunately I don't have time to sit down and spend hours teaching everyone.

I do offer personalized tutoring/guidance as a reward for supporting me on Patreon
patreon by Nazegoreng

I also make fortnightly tutorial videos on Patreon for those wanting to learn plush techniques I use everyday to make my work look as professional as possible.

Q. What do you make your plushes out of?
A. I primarily use minky fabric. I usually purchase it from, and the minky boutique.

Q. How do you do your eyes on your plushes?
A. I use a Bernina 830LE as my primary machine, and my brother Innovis 750D as a backup. Madiera Rayon embroidery thread, and Bernina V6 embroidery software area also used.

Q. What sewing machine do you use?
A. I use a Bernina 830LE and a Pfaff Ambition 1.0

Q. What airbrush and paints do you use?
A. I use a dual action airbrush…
Pretty much any airbrush can do plush airbrushing. I would suggest purchasing a dual action as you can control the flow.

For detailed information on airbrushing plushes consider supporting me on Patreon, where I have many posts and a huge video detailing this.

Q. When will plush commissions open?
A. Commissions opening 25th and 26th of Feb

Q. Why do your plushes cost so much?
A. Custom plushes are a luxury item. They are custom made from high quality materials, using quality machinery and are extremely labour intensive. All of this equates to a higher cost to plushes that are mass produced (I am not a factory). These are art pieces, not toys.

A plush can take 20-100+ hrs to make. Times that by an hourly wage and complex plush can jump in price quickly. I often remake the head and/or body of the plush 7-12 times over before creating the final product. This takes a great deal of time.

My materials are expensive and I do not have the buying power of a mass producing toy company.

If you do not like my pricing please consider purchasing a mass produced/official plush instead, or politely considering alternate artists that may suit your budget more. Making a snarky comment about my pricing is a quick way to be blacklisted for commissions.

My work is extremely high quality. Each piece is handmade from scratch to the highest standard. They are collectors items and made exactly to your custom specifications. These are not toys.

Q. But that is out of my price range..
Sewing is my sole income so I will not be lowering my prices. There are a large range of plushmakers out there, so if my work is out of your price range, perhaps anothers will suit you better. But PLEASE do not ask others to copy my work. It is very disrespectful and hurtful.

Q. Can you make ____ plush smaller for cheaper?
A. Usually, making the plush smaller does not make it easier for me to make, it actually makes it more fiddly and harder to get in details. The small difference in cost of materials is usually offset by the extra hours it takes me to sew the fiddly pieces. Of course, a 10" plush is going to be cheaper than a 25" plush (though it will be FAR less detailed) but a difference of 2-5" is not going to effect pricing a great deal.

Q. Can you advertise _______ for me? Or can I advertise _______ for you in return for _____?
A. The only case I will do this is via Patreon support. For certain tiers I will post a feature of your avatar, or a thumbnail of your chosen work to feature on my page. Otherwise the answer is probably no.

Q. Can I draw your OC/s?
A. Of course! I love it when people draw my OCs. Please make sure to send me a link when you are done. References:…

Q. Can I make you a gift? (ie sculpture, custom, plush etc)
A. I'd love that! But please understand that making a gift (a physical item) and expecting me to then pay for it is not ok. Neither is making something then asking me to trade for it when no trade has been agreed upon.

If you are going to want me to pay postage to send said gift please ask first as my finances can change.

Q. Can I reserve a commission place
A. Typically the only way to reserve a commission place is to support me on Patreon (at the $50 reward) during the month of opening.

Q. Do you take payment plans?
A. Due to MANY people messing me around, I no longer take payment plans, unless we have agreed to it under special circumstances. Consider asking a friend or family member to help you save, or open a savings account to reach your goal.

Q. Can we be friends?
A. Becoming friends is a natural process, so asking to be my friend won't make it so. Friendship happens over time, and cannot be requested or forced. Please understand that I'm a very busy person and noting me over and over again trying to force conversation can be uncomfortable. I am also quite reserved and not a very talkative person. Please do not take this personally.

Q. Do you come from a smoke/pet free home?
A. Neither I or anyone I live with smokes. We do have pet birds, snakes and a kitten. The kitten does not go into the sewing room, but do talk to me if you have concerns about allergies before requesting a commission.

Q. I'm too nervous to note/talk to you
A. Please don't feel that way. I'm always happy to answer questions, so don't ever feel like you can't ask.

Q. Why did you start making plushes and how did you improve your skills?

A. I started out admiring other plushmakers (and not being able to afford them) and figured I could make my own if I applied myself. I had some experience in sculpting, painting and general craft so I felt I already had a head start.

I bought my equipment, researched like crazy and drafted my own patterns. Plushing for 5 years has given me a lot of experience and practice. I always try to keep updating my patterns and incorporating new ideas and techniques into my work. Learning to make a tonne of my own patterns from scratch has also taught me a great deal.

In short:
- Research like mad (even once you are experienced)
- Practice
- Be passionate about improving
- Don't be satisfied with sub-par work
- If you are serious, invest in your machinery and tools
- Did I mention practice?

Projects I want to make

Future project ideas (Plush I really want to make)
Requesting a commission of the below plush may increase your chances of having it made

- Anything in my 'designs I'd love to plush' favourites folder
- Any kemono style character
- Rufen (with permission)
- Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde (realistic) (cannot make for commission)
- Renamon
- Veemon
- ***Flamedramon***

- Garurumon
- Assorted Digimon
- EQG Sunset Shimmer (or other chara)
- S2 Princess Luna
- Princess Cadence
- Okami
- Realistic wolf
- Discord/stylised Discord
- Rainbow power Pinkie Pie
- Vaporeon
- Any crystal ponies
- Raikou
- Mane 6 ponies (please pm before requesting canon pony commission)
- Alternate anthro body styles (chibi, chubby, etc etc)
- Cynder (baby), and G1 spyro
- Arcanine in faux fur
- Flygon
- Ninetales
- Any Scarfox
- ***Any Grem***
- Any Sushi Dog
- Any Dutchies
- Any Bagbean
- Any Sergal
- Charizard (or any mega char)
- Any squirtle line
- Any bulbasaur line
- Any lifesize starter pkmn
- Ponyta
- Lapras
- Midday Lycanroc
- Raichu (normal or alolan)
- Any totodile line
- Cute furry girls any sp.
- Sexy/curvy anthro (non pony, poss nsfw)
- Anthro wolves/anthro sparkledogs

- Falkor
- Adult/evil Asriel
- Any anthro chara (non pony non human)
- Wolf Link
- Trico (resin+clay art doll)
- Any early gen Ratchet (must be shirtless)
- Bojack Horseman
- Tsunomon
- Silvally or Type:null
- Incineroar
- Guzma
- Spirit (and Rain?)
- Carmelita fox
- Cub Kovu (for me or trade, not commission)

Not plush:
- Screen accurate Toothless and/or Stormfly w/ full silicone skin.

Personal projects

Upcoming personal projects

The Last Guardian 'Trico' gryphon art doll.
Feet painted, head painted.
Armature done. Wip foam body

- Philippine eagle fursuit head
Redoing springs. Gluing fur.

- Eagle fursuit head
Blank and fur in hand. First layer of primer on beak. Sanding/smoothing

- German Shepherd fursuit head
Blank in hand. Will source fur after more projects are completed

- Albino macaw fursuit head
Blank purchased

- Judy Hopps Plush

- Raichu plush

- Ratchet fursuit/cosplay/costume
Swatches purchased. Waiting on arrival

Trainersona art by Centchi




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Apr 24, 2017
12:01 am
Apr 23, 2017
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Apr 23, 2017
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Apr 23, 2017
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About me

"It's Naz. She's like Santa Claus - she can do ANYTHING"

patreon by Nazegoreng
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Arrow left by Drawn-MarioPRICES: Arrow right by Drawn-Mario Arrow right by Drawn-Mario
Hi guys! Nazegoreng here, but feel free to call me Naz.
I'm a freelance plush maker from Queensland, Australia. Feel free to have a look around my page and gallery. I make all sorts of plush on commission.

Prices and commission info are located in the 'Commissions' panel below. Also check out my FAQ if you want to know something about my work.

Thanks for stopping by!

Note me for a quote if you are interested in getting a price for your plush idea (please include reference/s and size)

Commission Info :bulletblue: Commission Prices :bulletblue: Current Commission List :bulletblue: Commission Terms and Conditions

Please read FAQ (below and left) before asking general questions

Become a Patron!

Patreon is a monthly subscription service that gives you access to my information packed feed for as little as $1. You will also gain access to my previous posts (now totaling over 1000!). The amount of support speaks for itself. If you want to learn to plush then this is for you.

Perks include:

:bulletblue: Daily plush related posts :bulletblue:Exclusive wip images :bulletblue:
Plush and crafting tips and tutorials :bulletblue: Tutorial videos :bulletblue: Plush tutoring :bulletblue: Exclusive commission reservations :bulletblue: Insight into my plushing techniques :bulletblue: & Lots more!!
$5+ Patrons receive access to this month's tutorial videos:

- How to pattern plush breasts

- Suicune patterning series part 5

$25+ Patrons receive access to ALL my existing tutorial videos, including:
- Molding and casting hollow art doll heads
- Advanced airbrushing walkthrough
- Suicune patterning series part 4
- Suicune patterning series part 3
- Quadruped thigh patterning and sewing tutorial
- Suicune patterning series part 2
- Suicune patterning series part 1
- How to pattern and sew plush butts
- How to add whiskers to plush
- How to sew wings in the hoop
- How to price your craft work
- How to pattern machine sewn hips
- How to sew 2d and 3d holes in plush
- Room tour 2016
- How to pattern a partial head gusset
- Cynder digital patterning series (part 3/3)
- How to pattern a quadrupedal (4 legged character) gusset
- Cynder digital Patterning series (pt 2/3)
- Cynder digital Patterning series (pt 1/3)
- How to get popular on Deviantart
- Sewing plush plaits and braids
- How to pattern a versatile bean body shape
- How to do Embroidery over applique
- Patterning in Photoshop tips and tricks
- Open mouth patterning tutorial
- Gusset making tutorial
- Applique tutorial
- Satin stitching tutorial
- Floating embroidery tutorial (never hoop fabric again!)
- Naz's plush tail wiring guide
- Naz's minky dyeing guide
- Naz's guide to artistic motivation
- How to make awesome plush expressions
- Giant plush airbrushing tutorial
- Stuffing tutorial
- Plush photo editing tutorial

Past videos are available for individual/immediate purchase on Gumroad:

March $5+ Patrons feature:

**$5+ Patrons please contact me with your DA username so I can feature you here**

Patron feature:

Engine 999 Webcomic Series  - CH1PG1 by Tailzkip Engine 999 Webcomic Series - CH1PG2 by Tailzkip Engine 999 Webcomic Series - CH1PG3 by Tailzkip
A young boy's life is thrown into chaos as he takes up a new job aboard Engine 999. How will Assistant handle this new world of fighting mythical creatures and new beings beyond his current human knowledge? Only time will tell when the most eccentric Engine master out there is your guide.


Plush making video tutorials available via Gumroad.



:iconnazegoreng: :heart: :iconraycam01:

Please read FAQ before asking general questions

Please do not advertise yourself in my comments section, spam (chain letter) or thank for favs etc.

Commission, trade, materials, pricing info etc are all explained in my FAQ and commission sections.

Fursona art by dennyvixen

Plush I owe

Currently Active Trades:
Grem for :iconplushatiersinc:

Sifyro for blitzdrachin (FA)

If we have discussed a trade and I have forgotten feel free to remind me.


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