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July 7
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Trade: Ajin the Dragon OC custom plush by Nazegoreng Trade: Ajin the Dragon OC custom plush by Nazegoreng
No Critique, Please... by RaptureCyner

:icontradesonhold: :iconcommissionsclosed: - See page & journal for details
A Dragon for 2012 by Ajinryu
Ajin the Dragon OC custom plush

For my trade with :iconajinryu: aka

:bulletyellow:  Ajin is made from sky and yellow minky. 

His eyes and mouth were embroidered with a Brother Innovis 750D embroidery machine, Madiera Rayon embroidery thread, and Bernina V6 embroidery software. The eyes were digitised by me. His pattern was also designed by me. He is is approx 12 inches tall. He has no wire in him so he is extra cuddly. 

Please do not ask for the pattern, under no circumstance will I be giving it out. 

:bulletyellow: This little fella was a blast. So different from what I usually make. His body type was lots of fun to work with, had lots of fun making his pattern. I especially loved doing a completely machine embroidered/appliquéd face. What a cutie! I couldn't be happier with how he came out. 

PLEASE zoom in to check out his details! 

Please comment/fav. It means allot to me. I read every comment and do my best to reply. 
I have not asked for critique. Any critique is not appreciated. 

:star: Watch me or check out my journal (and tumblr) to see WIPs of this and other current projects. 


I am currently working on other plushes. Keep an eye out on my page if you are interested in owning any of my future plushes.
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Sc3chCintr0n Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is the cutest damn dragon I have ever seen.
Nazegoreng Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thanks! I just love his design :)
Kaerlyn Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
He looks adorable! Just want to hug him ^^
Kyoshyu Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Niiiiiiice! Very nice! :)
Nazegoreng Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thankyou :iconapplejackplz: 
RarityForever Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lookit this adorable little bby<3 So friggin cuuuuute<3333 I don't even know how you make amazing things like this ;D

(I still say it's the dark majikz)
Nazegoreng Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
He is such a widdle cutie pie XD. It certainly helps when you have a great character design to go off
RarityForever Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yessss he iiiis<3 And I can agree with that xD 
ShadowedPorcelain Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014   Artisan Crafter
Love that gold embroidery and how it sits right on the seam line near his eyes. Must've been interesting getting that to stabilize nicely. Very impressive detailingI absolutely love that gold embroidery, especially where it seems to sit right on the seam on his face. Very nice technique.  I especially love his little feet. The thing that drew me right away were his little toes and hands. I love how defined they are, and how you got that thumb shape. It's the little details that really make the piece that much more special
Nazegoreng Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Was certainly a challenge doing a fully machine embroidered and applique face. But totally worth it. I'm glad you like the gold colour, I thought that would be the most tasteful border to the yellow/cream cheeks ^_^. His little hands were sooo fiddly to make, so tiny! So glad you like him :)
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